Global Settings Guide

Purpose (Heading 1)

This page provides a dynamic view of the global settings established in your Word Press Customizer. Note that the styles, colors, and sizes of some elements in your site may have been set individually or within the site settings of a page builder like Elementor. Likewise, settings for links and buttons may vary, but this page sets a standard that should be followed whenever possible.

Text Settings (Heading 2)

Certain headings or paragraph settings may be adjusted for device responsiveness. If you look at this page on a mobile phone or tablet, spacing and font sizes may look different.

Accessible and Organized Text (Heading 3)

This is a normal paragraph. To be accessible, the default font for all paragraphs and links is at least 16pts. This may seem large, but it works for many users with various vision impairments. Machines and bots that scan for accessibility will flag text that is smaller. Similarly, spacing between lines should not be too tight.

It’s important to organize your headings and links in a meaningful, logical way. Heading 1 is the title of the page or blog post. Heading 2 is more important than Heading 3 and comes first. You can organize your content by repeating the sequence of headings alternating with paragraphs, as demonstrated on this page.

Links and Button Settings (Heading 2)

Consistency is important for a smooth user experience. Do not change link colors or button designs individually. The results will feel chaotic for your site visitors.

Best Practices for Text Links (Heading 3)

Remember that links are meant to compel action. For example, this is a very long page, so placing a link early text lets the reader know there are more resources.

  • Use a meaningful phrase to guide the reader to where you want them to go, like the sitemap below these style settings.
  • Don’t link just one word.
  • The phrase “read more” is often used after a blog excerpt but it should be avoided otherwise.

Global Settings for Buttons (Heading 3)

Buttons can be different colors. However, on this site, all buttons should have the following styling settings:

  • 4px radius
  • bold text that changes color in hover state
  • each word capitalized

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